Business Unit Overview

1,500MW Combined Cycle Power Plant (UAE) 1,500MW Combined Cycle Power Plant (UAE)

In the global power infrastructure field, we are developing overseas power generation businesses and EPC* businesses as well as businesses involving rechargeable batteries. In the environment and infrastructure project field, we are advancing renewable energy businesses focused on wind and solar power generation in Japan and overseas, electricity retailing in Japan, industrial infrastructure businesses that are mainly involved with industrial facilities, and water infrastructure businesses.

*EPC: Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Strategic Fields in Sub-Saharan Africa

240MW Kinyerezi Combined Cycle Power Plant EPC (Tanzania) 240MW Kinyerezi Combined Cycle Power Plant EPC (Tanzania)
  • Independent Power Producer (IPP) with gas, coal and renewable sources
  • Power plant Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) with any fuel types

Business Overview in Sub-Saharan Africa

340MW Kpone Combined Cycle Power Plant IPP (Ghana) 340MW Kpone Combined Cycle Power Plant IPP (Ghana)
  • Investment in 100MW Dorper Wind Farm in South Africa
  • Active investment in IPPs
  • Promotion of Power EPC business
  • Supply of sub-station equipment and generator rehabilitation services to Eskom in South Africa

Sumitomo Corporation’s global successes

Sewage treatment facilities in Brazil: in the states of Rio Grande do Sul Sewage treatment facilities in Brazil: in the states of Rio Grande do Sul

Participating in the water concession business in Brazil

Sumitomo Corporation is investing alongside Brookfield Business Partners L.P. and institutional clients of Brookfield Asset Management in a 70% controlling stake in 26 project companies involved in water and sewerage services and industrial water treatment. Our investment amount is approximately USD250 million, which represents a 14% stake in the said project companies. According to Brazil’s National Sanitation Information System (2015), only 83% of the population has access to utility water services while only 50% can access sewerage services. At the same time, leakagerelated loss from the water supply network is becoming a critical issue that requires urgent improvement. Together with our Japanese partners, we have identified opportunities to improve water and sewerage services in Brazil by introducing best practices of water and sewerage utilities in Japan along with advanced technologies developed by Japanese manufacturers. Sumitomo Corporation intends to become a major player in water infrastructure, thereby contributing to the provision of stable water supplies and solving global water issues.

Geothermal Power Plant in Indonesia Geothermal Power Plant in Indonesia

Contributing to increase power supply in Indonesia through geothermal power projects

Indonesia has the second largest amount of potential geothermal power resources (29,000MW) in the world, of which only around 5% is being utilized. In collaboration with Supreme Energy, an Indonesian geothermal power generation developer, and Engie, a leading global energy company, our project company Supreme Energy Muara Laboh commenced construction in Sumatra Island in March 2017 for the development of a geothermal power plant with a generation capacity of 80MW. With a total cost of approximately 70 billion yen, we aim to commence commercial operation in October 2019. The Indonesian government aims to promote the development of geothermal power generation with a target set to achieve 7,000MW in generation capacity by 2025. Sumitomo Corporation has been involved in about half of the geothermal power projects currently in operation in Indonesia. We strive to further contribute to the Indonesian government’s strategy of accelerating geothermal power generation and to promote the efficient use of renewable energy on a global scale.